BOSS Awarded California Contract for Homeless Housing

No RFP Needed for Cities and Municipalities. Simply Write a Purchase Order.

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A Scalable + Efficient Solution to Addressing the Street Homelessness Crisis

We build high quality, durable, and easy to assemble homes for those
experiencing homelessness. Our innovative Built-On-Site System (BOSS) technology
allows us to provide affordable Cubez at mass scale.

Why BOSS Cubez?


Personal Cubez made of the highest quality building materials and lockable doors provide a reliable stepping stone into permanent housing.


BOSS Cubez is your factory direct source. With our Built-on-Site System technology, overall project costs are substantially reduced. This allows for more communities in more places and more people in homes.


Mass manufacturing is in our DNA. With low cost manufacturing, scalable capacity, and rapid assembly we can get everyone into a home.


For over 20 years, our team and associated companies have mastered building cabins and homes, utilizing the best factory manufactured technologies.

  • Rapid Installation

    The BOSS panelized system rapidly locks together for livable homes in days

  • Economical Delivery

    Getting anywhere in the country is simple with efficient shipping

  • Convenient Relocation

    When its time to go to the next site, pick up with a forklift and move the Cube