BOSS Awarded California DGS Statewide Contract to Address Homelessness with Emergency Cabins

California Cites can now purchase Emergency Cabins from BOSS (Built On Site Systems) without going through a lengthy RFP process.

Montebello, California— BOSS (Built On Site Systems), the technology leader in dignified housing to address homelessness, has been awarded the California Department of General Services (DGS) statewide contract for emergency sleeping cabins. Local agencies and cities can now skip the lengthy RFP process and simply write a purchase order to build safe and cost-effective housing for homeless individuals in their communities.

The state Public Contract Code normally requires local agencies to develop their own specifications, publicly advertise any bid, and generally to award the contract to the lowest bidder. To speed up this process, the California Department of General Services (DGS) launched a statewide procurement contract for emergency sleeping cabins.

BOSS Cubez is one of a very few select vendors awarded a contract. Since the CA statewide DGS contract has already gone through the RFP process, local agencies can skip all these steps, which typically require months of effort, and simply write a Purchase Order to the awarded vendor.

As one of the DGS-approved vendors, BOSS offers a complete, cost-effective interim housing solution for cities & municipalities. The company’s product line--BOSS Cubez--includes housing for singles, couples and families, ensuite units with bathrooms, duplexes, community bathrooms, showers, meeting spaces & dining facilities. BOSS has the most products approved by the DGS, with over 48 approved Cubez on the list. The Cubez are comfortable, attractive, easy-to-install, and offer the best price available, often with prices 30% lower than other vendors.

Viken Ohanesian, President and CEO of BOSS states, “We are very pleased that BOSS has been approved by the California DGS. “BOSS Cubez are the least expensive, yet most durable structures being offered, at a 30% cost difference over the next vendor on the DGS list. Built with steel, these homes and buildings are warranted for 10 years and are available with a 1-hour fire rating.”

In addition to being California DGS approved, the Cubez meet all the California Building Code 2022 Appendix P Requirements and are approved by the Office of the State Fire Marshall (OSFM). Each of the Boss Cubez comes with a complete set of permit plans meeting the CBC Appendix P requirements that allow the local AHJs to quickly review and approve local communities.

About BOSS & BOSS Cubez Technology

Built On Site Systems (BOSS) is an LA-based company focused on bringing the construction industry into the new age. The BOSS technology combines the benefits of factory manufacturing with on-site assembly, significantly reducing the construction time and costs required in traditional methods. BOSS produces ready panels at mass scale and delivers them directly to the job site where they are rapidly assembled like lego blocks, saving time and money.

All BOSS Cubez are safe, comfortable, attractive, and easy to install, providing dignified living for unhoused individuals. In addition, they are cost-effective and flexible, allowing temporary placement of housing where land is available, and exit strategies to enable them to be moved to other locations.

For more information or to purchase BOSS Cubez for your community, please contact: Kris Van Giesen at

Or visit the State Procurement site.


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