Sustainability Mindset

We are committed to playing our part in the world sustainability effort. To achieve our circular economy vision, we have embarked on a journey to streamline our supply chain utilizing recycled and environmentally friendly materials in our walls and roof Pcore insulated panels. Through a technology partnership with leading global plastic recycling companies, we manufacture our panels using plastic waste derived from plastic water and beverage bottles, preforms and industrial waste. That means that every panel manufactured has 35% recycled plastics. Utilizing recycled plastics in our manufacturing process also improves the fire resistance properties of our panels. We also design engineered our entire structure to have high levels of insulation, similar to a modern day home. This means that we are reducing our carbon footprint even while our Cubez are being used, with less energy needed for a comfortable living environment.

Why Steel?

Light Gauge Steel (LGS) framing is used in all our Cubez. LGS is known for its near zero waste manufacturability making it a more sustainable option to wood. In addition, it is lighter, superior in strength and longer lasting. It also provides the added benefit of being resistant to rot, pests, moisture and termites. Steel is also highly fire resistant and has superior foundational strength and seismic stability.

Certified to Meet Codes

International Residential Codes (IRC 2022)

Emergency Housing Appendix O California Building Codes (CBC 2019)

Building Structural Codes

ADA Accessible

Engineered for Safety

Boss Cubez are engineered to meet fire safety standards. Each Cubez is built with wall and roof panels that are made with galvanized steel exterior and Pcore insulation interior. The panels are FM Certified with Class 1 fire rating which is the highest fire rating category for building materials. The Cubez are also designed with additional fire safety measures including electrical lines housed and protected inside the walls and cement board used for the floors.

These fire precautions are design engineered into every Boss Cube with the safety of residents in mind.

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Who is BOSS Cubez?

BOSS Homes introduces BOSS Cubez as an accessible, adaptable and rapidly scalable solution to dignified transitional housing. Blending the power of manufacturing and the best of onsite construction, BOSS Cubez are highly efficient Built On-Site Systems. Each Cube is made of high-quality durable steel with superior Pcore insulation delivering comfortable and dignified living for those experiencing homelessness.

What are BOSS Cubez made out of?

BOSS Cubez are assembled with panels that are securely linked together creating a home within days. Our panels are made of high grades durable steel and Pcore insulation for a truly dignified home. All buildings come with a solid steel foundation designed to be forkliftable. Doors and windows are high quality double pane aluminum.

What are Built-on-Site Systems (BOSS)?

Built-On-Site Systems are an innovative technology that combines the best of conventional and prefab construction. Our panels are built in the factory and easily snapped into place on site. Efficiency, customization and quality at an accessible price.

Do you provide assembly instructions?

Yes, all our products come with intuitive assembly instructions that guide those with basic assembly skills.

How quickly can you ship?

Full projects ship within 10-12 weeks

Where can you ship?

We ship all over the United States

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