BOSS Interim Housing Solutions Address Homelessness

Built On Site Systems (BOSS), an LA-based company that is bringing the construction industry into the new age, presents BOSS Cubez—flexible cabins that provide dignified transitional housing for people experiencing homelessness. BOSS Cubez are the most scalable, efficient, and affordable housing solutions on the market.

BOSS Cubez have been selected by the California DGS, meet all the California Building Code 2022 Appendix P Requirements and are non-combustible units for fire safety. For cities and municipalities, No RFP is needed. Simply write a purchase order.

Two Product Lines-One Complete Solution

BOSS has two comprehensive product lines in the BOSS Cubez family:

BOSS’s Interim Housing Units, which are typically used as bedrooms. These unites are in compliance with the California Building Code 2022 Emergency Housing Appendix P and the Title 24 Energy Code.

In addition, BOSS has Permanent Units, which can be used as communal wet facilities. These units are HCD-certified and fully assembled in the factory to ensure the highest quality available. 

Together, the BOSS Cubez Interim and Permanent Units can be mixed to provide a complete solution for any interim housing community. Examples of communities include Baldwin Park

Safe, Comfortable & Designed for Dignified Living

In addition, BOSS Cubez are attractive, comfortable and designed for dignified living. BOSS Cubez many features include the following:

  • Built with Durable Steel

  • Vaulted 8.5' pent-roof ceilings

  • Fast 3-person assembly

  • Rapidly re-deployable

  • Moveable buildings with forklift slots

  • 3-year warranty

  • Engineered to meet building codes

  • Resistant to mold, mildew, rot and pests

  • Home Grade Insulation with walls that have an R13 insulation

  • Eco-Friendly construction with recycled content (post-consumer bottles)

  • Meet California residential code structural requirements

  • Dual Control AC/Heat Spacious rooms and built-in shelving

  • Safety features including smoke detectors & electrical lines housed within walls

  • Security: Electronic door locks, and exterior lighting for community safety

Easy to Build and Significant Price Savings

The BOSS technology combines the benefits of factory manufacturing with on-site assembly, significantly reducing the construction time and costs required in traditional building methods. BOSS produces ready panels on mass scale and delivers them directly to the job site where they are rapidly assembled like lego blocks, saving time and money.

For more information, please contact Kris Van Giesen at or 323-313-4084.

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